Current teaching

My teaching at ICU currently includes courses in microeconomics, economic policy, statistics, and econometrics.
In the current academic year, I will offer the following courses:

  • ECO102: Principles of Microeconomics

  • ECO254: Industrial Organization

  • ECO260: Public EconomicsClasses on Core Microeconomics and Core Econometrics, for M.Phil in Economics.

  • ECO354: Environmental Economics

  • GES039: Statistical Information Literacy (General Education course; lectures + computer classes)

  • QPFD412: Microeconomics (graduate level course)


Past teaching experience

International Christian University / ICU 

  • GEL001: Liberal Arts Seminar ("Essential Academic Skills: research & presentation")

  • QPPE513: Special Studies in Economics and Business (Graduate level; focus on market design)


University of Tokyo (Graduate level)


  • Core Microeconomics 2: Game Theory - a graduate-level first course in game theory, including topics on repeated games, contract theory and information economics.

  • Auctions and Mechanism Design - a first course introducing the main topics and some recent developments.

  • Essential Academic Skills (EAS) - a course on doing research, writing papers and presenting your work.


University of Oxford (Graduate level)

  • Lectures on Industrial Organization, for M.Phil in Economics.

  • Classes on Core Microeconomics and Core Econometrics, for M.Phil in Economics.

  • Classes on Microeconomics and Macroeconomics, for Masters in Financial Economics, at the Said Business School.

University of Oxford (Undergraduate level)

Tutorials on Mathematical Methods and Introductory Microeconomics, for B.A. in Philosophy, Politics and Economics.